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Practise games

The week prior to the championship, there will be some practise games between competitors.
Thursday England will play the Ukrain at Giants in Hengelo. Game starts at 15.00.  Friday the Ukrain team will play the Netherlands. The game will be played at the hosting club, Tex Town Tigers and start at 14.00.
On saturday the Netherlands will play England. Also at Tex Town Tigers and also at 14.00.

Giants Base-&Softball
Giants, Torenlaan 64, Hengelo
Tex Town Tigers
Tex Town Tigers, Kotkampweg 119, Enschede

Field preparations

The fields are being prepared for the season and have been upgraded at the same time, to meet the ECU15 standards. Volunteers at the Tex Town Tigers, have been working hard for the last few weeks to get things in shape. Dugouts got new roofing, lights have been replaced and upgraded at the battingcages, things have been painted and much more. All of this to have a great tournament in july!

Media accreditations system open

Official accreditation allows photographers access to the media areas at our tournaments which include special reserved seating areas as well as media facilities (where applicable). Only accredited photographers will be allowed access to these restricted areas. Please note, that a media-accredited person may not appear on a team’s roster at the same time.

For further details, please contact Helena Novotna, ESF Communications Director via email